About us

EL ALMA DE LAS RAMBLAS is a project dedicated to the comprehensive management of 6 tourist apartments in Barcelona. We strive for our guest to fully enjoy their stay in our city and feel at home, providing them with all the comforts and assisting them in any way possible during their stay. Our 6 holiday apartments are located in the same historic building in the attractive Gothic Quarter, one of the most vibrant areas of Barcelona and each of them has its own style. Choose your favorite!


■ All hotels and accommodations are obliged to charge a Tourist Tax required by the Catalan government for the city of Barcelona. You will pay this charge when you complete the online passport/ID registration. We hosts are mere intermediaries and will forward the complete fee to the Catalan Government. The fee will be calculated as follows: 5€ + 10% VAT per person (16 years and over), per night (up until 7 nights.)

■ We have a code system for the check-in, which offer customers maximum flexibility and security.

■ Check-in available from 15:00 pm. 

■ Check-out by latest 11am.


■ Smoking is not allowed in the apartment. Financial penalty of € 50 for non-compliance.

■ Parties or behaviors that threaten the tranquility of the neighborhood are not allowed. You are obliged to respect and make proper use of the facilities, furniture and decoration of the apartment and common areas, for the sole purpose of accommodation. Financial penalty of € 100 for non-compliance.

■ You are given a fully furnished and equipped home, which you must deliver on the day of departure in the same condition that you received it. The guest agrees and agrees to leave the apartment in the same condition and state in which it was delivered. Any damage to the apartment, furniture, building elements, decoration, or dirt beyond what is reasonable, will be considered "Property Damage". These damages may incur additional costs. Also, we remind you that EL ALMA DE LAS RAMBLAS is an accommodation provider as detailed in the reservation contract / confirmation; and that all the elements and equipment of the apartment are for your convenience and comfort. The replacement or absence thereof does not entail returns or compensation, either in money or in kind.

■ You must properly close the door whenever you leave the apartment. EL ALMA DE LAS RAMBLAS is not responsible in case of theft or loss of personal belongings.

■ Pets / animals are not allowed to stay in the flats.

■ Objects left in the apartments are kept for a period of 7 days. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of the House, at the time of Registration / Check-In, you acquire a responsibility commitment with EL ALMA DE LAS RAMBLAS. Regarding all of the above, this responsibility being extensible and mandatory for all accompanying persons. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to: the damages that may be caused during the stay, the veracity of the data provided to make the reservation, and the payment method used to rent the apartment and / or applicable fines, which will be charged. automatically.

Again, thank you very much for staying with us, "Las Almas (the souls) de las Ramblas" :-)

*5€+10%vat until 31st march 2024. From April 2024 it will be €5.50+10%vat